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All Posts 15 Jun 2020

What is iOS 14 release date and what features will iOS 14 have?


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iOS 14 is going to be a highly advanced operating system of Apple which is due in the fall of 2020 which is expected to release sometime in September. The primary focus is believed to be on performance and quality when it comes to iOS 14 and its vision.

As a top mobile app development company in India, we are highly active in new technologies that are due in upcoming months and plan our iOS app development accordingly. Based on the past history of iOS updates after iOS 14 release the operating system will be shared with developers for testing. Once the beta does we can expect a public release for iPhones.

It is expected that the new iOS 14 may have a home screen in the form of a list view the way we see it in the Apple Watch. However, some features may not be seen as believed to as there are many rumors on the features that may be present in iOS 14.

We may also see improvement in the Fitness app as Apple may let users download media related to workout too. These features might be possible to be used alongside Apple watch too and help users sync their fitness regimes with media.

One may also find features like mentions in existing iMessage that will allow users to mention existing contacts to be able to manage push notifications. A cool iOS 14 feature of message retracting possibility is also making some promise.

As watchOS 7 is expected to have new Kids mode to track their moment it is also expected that iOS 14 will have an interface to track movement time for children. We may also see some tightly coupled features around AR in new iOS 14 that may enhance the user experience of Apple users in Apple’s partnered businesses.

One more promising iOS 14 feature that is expected is the ability to set 3rd party app as a default app in iOS 14 which means now there may be a possibility to set Gmail as default email app instead of mail or even your favorite music app to work with Siri.

The famous shot on iPhone may be seen featuring in Photo apps allowing photo app to integrate shot on iPhone. There is also a possibility to likely see an update in the Safari browser that is believed to be allowing translation to a webpage by default.

Moreover, for developer, it is expected that they may get a full version of Xcode that operates on iPad. Similarly a great personalize security feature like Find My is expected to be introduced that will allow iOS 14 users to set time and location-based notifications which could be used in many real like applications.

For automobile innovators, it is foreseen that iOS 14 many have CarKey and its API integration capability that will allow iOS 14 users to use their phones to access their car with NFC capability. We may also find some additional features in Apple Map with specific genius bar services.

There is a possibility to have a feature which is believed to be termed as Clips, that will allow iOS 14 users to access part of 3rdparty apps that are yet not installed in iOS 14. It is very likely that new iOS 14 will have Apple pencil updates.

Other notable features may include light ambiance in new HomeKit . Also a facial recognition for cameras and even custom voice synthesizers.

Hire iOS App Developers to develop iOS 14 based application

With so much expected in iOS 14 we may also see the boom in an innovative iOS mobile application in various industry sectors due to promising updates with new features. It will be likely that iOS user experience will see a lot of improvement and a considerable user shift to iOS may also be a new trend. This is the right time to invest in iOS mobile apps with any new and innovative mobile application development idea that can be a game-changer.

If you are looking to hire iOS app developers in India and USA then we can help you get a top iOS app developer for your project.

iOS 14 mobile app development ideas

As you see above there are endless possibilities with upcoming iOS 14 release due, these are some promising iOS 14 mobile app development ideas that can prove to be game-changer if introduced in your existing mobile app or new mobile app.

iOS 14 Fitness Mobile App Development

Considering new features of iOS 14 one can opt to use innovative fitness app features to develop iOS 14 fitness mobile app for your business by accessing Apple HealthKit data and combining it with fitness media that iOS 14 is promising to provide as new enhancements.

Mail application development for iOS 14

As it is expected in iOS 14 that it would allow users to keep app of their choice as default app it is likely that many existing mail clients may upgrade their UI to better blend with new iOS 14 OS and many new players may want to join the league.

New music app development for iOS 14

Imagine if your new iOS music app can be accessed by Siri with iOS 14 how would it benefit your market capture. This is promising in a way that a well-designed and thoughtful app can leverage the large iOS market and build on the same.

iOS 14 AR app development solutions

While Apple is planning to collaborate with certain businesses like Starbucks, such tie-ups will prove beneficial for the business owners and location-based AR app development as using existing features and solutions from iOS 14, developers are likely to develop location-based app that will be visually appealing to iOS app users. Such businesses can also customize interactivity in their location using AR app feature.

iOS 14 Map based solutions

Looking at the possibility of the introduction of a new feature in the existing map, app developers can plan to develop iOS mobile app using these cool new map features for business in their mobile app development solutions.

iOS 14 Mobile App Development for Automobile

The automobile industry is likely to be positively impacted with new iOS 14 CarKey functionality and developers are possibly going to change the trend of how car users are going to access or interact with their car. Thanks to CarKey API integration service that will give the ability to iOS app developers to develop cool apps that not only will allow to access car but also help them do much more with car data, possibly just the way we now do with Apple Healthkit data in iOS.

iOS 14 App using Clips

Clips is another new arena for iOS app developers to explore the possibility to develop app snippets in a completely new manner where one can build small clips to access 3rd party app within iOS without the need to download the app on the iOS. This is believed to change the perspective in which anyone will access the apps on iOS. If it is about an existing application or new app developers can start designing solutions inclusive of Clips.

Possibilities are endless and above are few of the many use of iOS features that are expected along with the upcoming iOS 14 release. We are equally excited and are eagerly waiting to work on the new iOS 14. If you have any questions on how can you use this upcoming technology to enhance your business and feel free to get in touch with one of our BatsHub representatives today.

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