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Service Booking Application

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Service Booking Application

Service Booking Application

Develop Custom Service Booking Application

Online Service Booking industry are getting influenced by latest technologies that are helping them manage their operation and server their client base in a efficient manner. So has the mobile app development trend changed, specifically for consumers that are going more technology savvy. In general people are becoming more accustomed to constantly improving technological trends & have been proactively been using websites and mobile application for any of their day to day needs like travel, price comparison, viewing itineraries & online payments.

As per the study made by Statista online travel sale is expected to cross $800 billion USD by 2020. Online booking sectors have been booming in area of Mobile Booking, OTA - Online Travel Agencies, Direct Bookings, Chat Interactions & Predictive Pricing

To summarize, people are constantly upgrading their habits & less prefer to leave their comfort zones to get what they want & they enjoy to get such conveniences using technology.

Batshub as a company is well versed to provide desired solution in service booking industry by developing great scheduling app like Uber or TaskRabbit, let us explore together on how can we create wonders by introducing technology within your business. Use Mobile and Web platform to develop a service booking application, following are the high level features for a basic Service Booking Application

  • Business Registration
  • Business Profiling
  • Service Management
  • Service Booking
  • User Registration
  • Business Review and Ratings
  • Accounting and Billing

Booking Service Application Solutions

Fixed Service Booking Application

Customer can book a services that is based on a fixed cost

Variable Service Booking Application

Booking cost can vary based on the time spent on service

Service Consultation

Booking of service based on consultation and inspection

Booking Made Easy with Mobile Applications

Service Booking Application can be developed for almost any service industry. It is just the matter of you connecting your business database and making it accessible to the service seekers. Power of mobile application has help business reach people that are far but wants to access quality service. Developing a good booking engine will be a crucial element to the mobile application. However market is full of engines that gives you some good matching and booking parameters to consider.

You can either create your own booking engine like many providers in market or just act as booking aggregation platform. Mobile application can be used to aggregate multiple booking feeds and creating customer facing application that can help them in making booking of services.

Services providers can use booking applications to list their business and services and thus getting found by service seekers. There are some huge business that are in action following the model of service booking.


Develop Service
Booking App for iOS

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