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There are numerous mobile app development tools in the market that are meant to address specific purpose during any mobile app development. We have listed top 10 mobile app development tools for all that are categorized based on their use in mobile app development.

When developing a mobile app based on the type of application that is to be built there are various mobile app development tools that can be used like;

  • App Development Tools
  • Analytics Tool
  • Push Notification Tools
  • Mobile Payment Tools
  • Advertising Tools
  • Gaming Tools

List of top 10 mobile app development tools

1. Swiftic 

Swiftic is one of top DIY mobile app development tools for iPhone app development. It is liked by many developer due to ease of navigation when building iPhone mobile apps.

This tool can be used for below features:

  • Custom iPhone App Development.
  • Mobile App Publishing.
  • Developing Loyalty Program in your app.

Swiftic Mobile App Development

2. TensorFlow

This one is undoubtedly a leading AI tool among top 10 mobile app development tools we have researched for building AI based mobile app development. Top mobile app development company in India like BatsHub rely on such mobile app development tools to develop mobile apps.

Key points for these tools are:

  • It is an open-source software library for Artificial Intelligence.
  • Makes it easy to perform numerical computation using data flow graphs.
  • Due to flexible architecture companies that provides API integration services can easily integrate TensorFlow in Desktop, Server or Mobile Devices.

Develop AI Apps with TensorFlow

3. Unity Ads

This is one of the best mobile app development tools for ads integration if you want to video based ads in your mobile gaming apps. It offers high ARPU in comparison to any video ad network.

Unity Ads is recommended tool for:

  • Integrating video ads as it helps for building positive player experience.
  • Video Ads that are played without int erupting game-play.
  • Incentive for video ads.

Integrate Video Ads using Unity ADS

4. Corona

One of the best cross-platform mobile app development tools Corona is used to create games and cross-platform apps.

Anyone can use Corona to develop apps in matter of minutes.

  • Corona is built on OpenGL 2.0, OpenAL.
  • This tool helps developer share code when developing apps for iPhone, Android or Kindle.
  • A key aspect of using Corona is it helps using hardware accelerated functions that helps in developing performance eccentric apps.

Build Gaming App using Corona

5. Card.io

As the name suggest Card.io indeed is among best top 10 mobile app development tools used for data management strategy development. There are free SDK for iOS and Android available that are available for integration.

The best part of this tool is it does not store your credit card information they are just transmitted via their interface.

Card.io is available for various platforms like iOS, Android, Cordova and also if you are looking for react native app development for your business.

Use card.io to scan cards in mobile apps

6. KendoUI

If you want to develop great cross-platform web development Kendo UI is the way to go. It is best preferred by many developers due to its support for modern web development standards.

Some of the key points about Kendo UI are:

  • It can be used to develop cross-platform web apps that can customize to different resolutions of desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • Any developer with Javascript knowledge can use this tool and get going developing great user oriented apps.
  • It has JQuery based data source components that helps in easy data binding for local or cloud data.

Cross-platform App Development with Kendo UI

7. Mobile Angular UI

If you are a front-end developer this will be a piece of cake. No doubt why we have this in our top 10 mobile app development tools for building great mobile apps.

Mobile Angular UI uses rich libraries like overthrow.js and fastclick.js for developing great UI and UX.

Few notable details about Mobile Angular UI:

  • Possible to create cross-platform apps for both desktop and mobile.
  • Using this tool you can also create great mobile components.
  • Apps build using Mobile Angular UI are truly responsive you can just change your browser size to see the different UI.

Mobile Angular UI App Development Tool

8. Xamarin

If you want to develop apps for iOS, Android or Windows, Xamarin is best known among developers for its ability to reuse business logic layer and data access layer across multiple platform.

Some of the key things about Xamarin is:

  • It allows to access API of mobile device because of its mono framework.
  • Xamarin has a great community due to its maturity and hence you can easily get UI controls, cross-platform libraries.
  • You can use deep-linking functionality to be integrated in your mobile app too.
  • Also a great Platform-Specifics feature allows developer to access device specific features.

Xamarin based mobile app development

9. App Watch

This one is in list of top 10 mobile app development tools for its purpose of keeping app secure. So basically App Watch helps you secure apps you develop.

There are list of features that are provided by App Watch:

  • Cloud based mobile analytics and security scans.
  • Vulnerability scanning for SDKs and 3rd party libraries.
  • Possibility to analyse apps with Webview.

Top Mobile Analytics Tool

10. FireBase

FireBase is know for its all at one place structure. This is a platform from Google. Firebase offers many extensions that helps in building great apps.

Some offerings from FrireBase are:

  • Cloud Service offering so you do not need to look for hosting data remotely.
  • When developing apps using FireBase it stores data as streams so you can develop apps that can scale exponentially.
  • Use of Google Cloud to store data.
  • Use of 2048-bit SSL data encryption for data transfers.

So these are the list of top 10 mobile app development tools that are shortlisted by us. Hope you find them useful in your search for what may best fit your needs.

Google Firebase to develop apps

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