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Know how to develop eCommerce website and mobile app for business


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If you have a business that sell physical goods or service and you want to leverage online eCommerce industry then you should know how to develop eCommerce website and mobile app for business growth. Online eCommerce market has grown exponentially and there are different ways in which industries leverage different eCommerce platform to sell products and service.

While majority of eCommerce for small-medium enterprise choose to market their product and services on portals like AmazoneBayAlibaba there are also set of business that have established their own eCommerce portal as they want to stand out and deliver best of the eCommerce experience to their customers.

If you are into business of apparels, food, machinery or service industry you can develop eCommerce website and mobile app for business that you represent. Also, developing eCommerce website and mobile app for your business is easy then you can imagine. There are numerous eCommerce web and mobile solution for your business that can help you establish your online eCommerce Website and mobile app.

Technology frame work have grown and also advanced, so there have been options to choose to develop custom eCommerce website and mobile app using different technology frameworks. There are many end to end eCommerce solution provider for web and mobile platform that helps you build online eCommerce platform very efficiently. The development and maintenance of eCommerce portal has also largely became independent task so one with very little dependency now can manage and maintain eCommerce website and mobile app for business.

Now to know how to develop eCommerce website and mobile app for business there is a need to know what offerings are and how do you wish your users to interact with your offerings. The best performing eCommerce portal are successful as they provide flexibility to their users. They are open and allows users to explore the offerings in the way end user which to explore. Regardless of the industry you represent eCommerce industry operates in a typical way and so should be the approach when developing eCommerce portal.

Also, now the data exchange methods have become so advanced that there are solutions to integrate existing APIs with eCommerce website and apps. There are specialized developers offering eCommerce API integration service to develop eCommerce solution for business. There are numerous technologies that can be used to develop eCommerce website and mobile app for business but some of the most used are listed below. 

Type of eCommerce Solutions

Depending on your approach and the business you are in, there can be various type of eCommerce solutions that can be developed using varieties of technology stack for eCommerce website and mobile app development. Some of most generic eCommerce solution types are:

B2C eCommerce Solution

These offerings are generally direct i.e. business to customer eccentric, which means a business has a particular set of product or service to offer to their prospective customer. These kind of arrangements are direct with little to no intervention of middle man in the transactions involved.

B2B eCommerce Solution

The portals are more business to business oriented. Such eCommerce portals have less rings and bells in terms of offerings and usually focus on product, services and their relevant precise data. These solution focus on data availability and integrity. These portals also have data uniformity across multiple platforms and system layers.

C2C eCommerce Solution

These are more of a marketplace that are set up to bring together potential seller or buyers and hence can also involve business or direct customers. Such platforms are generally facilitator for possible eCommerce transaction and offers solutions that in turn helps platform users effectively and efficiently perform transaction on the eCommerce platform.

Top Technology Stack for eCommerce Website and Mobile App Development

As there are numerous options to choose from but some widely used technology stack for eCommerce Website and Mobile app are:

eCommerce development with WooCommerce

Woocommerce is one of the widely used eCommerce website development platform and it is majorly used to develop eCommerce solution using Wordpress. It is popular choice among developers because of ease of development and wide community support. Also, developers with basic development skills can easily set up eCommerce stores using WooCommerce. The other reason to develop eCommerce website using WooCommerce is because of its light weight development and maintenance cost.

Magento eCommerce website development

Magento is again another widely opted eCommerce website development platform which provides wide set of feature list to develop advance eCommerce solutions. Again Magento is widely popular amongst developer because of its wide community reach and also Magento has large set of extensions that can be used to integrate different features in eCommerce website.

Magento is among top eCommerce website development portal with ability for API integration for ERP, payment gateway, shipping, rates and much more. There are also many readymade ecommerce themes available that can help to build eCommerce website in no time.

Shopify eCommerce website development

Shopify is an end to end eCommerce website development platform that will help you to not only establish great looking eCommerce stores but also help you brand and market your eCommerce website.

The reason Shopify is famous within business owners is because of its ability to develop eCommerce store without any or very less technical dependency. Anyone with basic knowledge about their eCommerce need can set up store using Shopify. More over Shopify also provides tremendous customization possibility to help developers to build Shopify apps for eCommerce websites.

Develop eCommerce website using Ucommerce

Ucommerce is a .Net based eCommerce website development platform that is popular amongst developers with .Net skills. Ucommerce provides tremendous opportunity to developers to develop enterprise eCommerce solutions with integrations to CMS like Umbraco, Kentico, Sitefinity, and Sitecore.

eCommerce Mobile App Development

While there are no set ready-made eCommerce Mobile App Development framework, there are list of eCommerce mobile app scripts that can be used to set up eCommerce mobile app in no time. Majority of them are ready made eCommerce scripts using native technologies or cross-platform eCommerce mobile app development script built on technologies like React Native, Xamarin or PhoneGap.

Usually, eCommerce app development is opted to compliment eCommerce Websites but they can be used for various purpose like eCommerce product catalog listing, order tracking, eCommerce customer support and much more.

The list does not end here but these are few of the many technologies preferred to develop eCommerce website and mobile app for business in recent times.

How to develop eCommerce website and mobile app for business?

Now that you know what type of eCommerce website and mobile app you are looking to build the question is how to develop eCommerce solution for business. Well, there are set approach when it comes to eCommerce website and mobile app for business. This not only had technology aspect to it but also business approach which is vital to build eCommerce portal that will truly contribute to boost existing eCommerce capability of any business.

We have some bespoke recommendation in terms of portal development that we propose based on requirement and some of them are:

eCommerce website and mobile app POC development

This is a crucial step when we are aiming to develop eCommerce website and mobile app that are targeting different and large user base. There are various ways of develop eCommerce website and mobile app POC (Proof of Concept) or MVC (Minimal Viable Product). We can develop basic functionality right from scratch or perform small conceptualization using tools ready-made frameworks or wire-frames. This helps in conceptualization of the theory and also establish a functionally valid eCommerce model.

Closed group concept development

It is always a great idea to launch something in close group and then gradually expand accommodating feedback and expectation. This helps both on validating the eCommerce solutions that is being developed and also helps in portal confidence and management building. Such approach largely helps when translating any pre-establish eCommerce community into a functional portal that has website and mobile app development involved.

Complementing eCommerce solutions

Not always there is a need to develop eCommerce solutions from scratch and this is where custom eCommerce website and mobile app development approach comes to play. At times there are loopholes in eCommerce cycle that can be addressed with right use of technology. Say there is a need to integrate existing inventory management to customer facing website so instead of developing whole solution there can be relevant eCommerce API integration development be performed. Other solutions like eCommerce shipping gateway integration or eCommerce payment gateway integration are some popular custom eCommerce API integrations for Web and Mobile.

If you are looking for custom eCommerce website and mobile app development for business we have extensive experience in this domain and have helped numerous businesses and individual in their assignments. For a reliable agency that can help you to develop eCommerce web and mobile app you connect BatsHub. Our consultative approach will not only help you address your needs but give you a realistic overview of the possible outcomes. 

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