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How to plan a mobile application development for a start-up?


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There are tons of mobile applications in the market and few of them have literally set a benchmark to follow. However, none of them were best during their inception, there has been a lot of learning curve during their journey from being a start up to a successful platform. Every good mobile application goes through a experimental learning curve that we as audience do not realize.

So, what do we need to build a good mobile application?

Well, every mobile application needs to be backed by a purpose – an mobile application development idea that address a problem or at the least a portion of the problem or solution that is intended to be built. Not all business idea or innovations needs to be backed by a mobile app. As much as we believe in success stories we should also look around for the apps that were not able to perform that great. What made them stagnant? Was the idea not that good, was it the solution, the app itself or simply a bad timing for launch.

A crucial factor in mobile application is also mobile handheld itself. As a start-up its not just your idea but also the tools involved in its implementation are crucial for its success. Just like in a battle field it’s not just a soldiers will that takes him through but also a good armaments that makes him invincible, similarly when you are planning to build a mobile application it is vital to take into account your most primary and explicitly important mobile device.

Attributes of mobile devices that affects mobile application development and its strategy.

There are many moving components in a Mobile device and companies in race of pioneering in the hardware world constantly keeps improvising. Mobile devices have a software part which we call an operating system like iOS for Apple, and Android for other android based mobile phones. Then comes the actual hardware part – modules for cellular connections, modules for wireless connections like Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC, OCR and many more are given as a part of facilitation for data exchange between devices.

iOS on contrary to Android, is more regulated when it comes to devices as it is being managed in conjunction to its operating system, and its ability to compliment its hardware that is device like iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, and AppleWatch. However when it comes to Android this zone is a bit versatile due to many reasons – One, the Android OS is an open-source and hence gives more flexibility in utilization to its device manufactures like Samsung, Nokia, MI, HUAWEI and many others. Android based companies have constantly competed Apple in terms of device capability, efficiency and performance.

Majority of mobile applications are hosted on Apple Store and Google Play-store that are regulated by Apple and Google respectively in terms of guidelines that needs to be followed when building and publishing a mobile app. They come with additional package of hosting charges, use of payment gateways, data sharing policies and many such micro detailing that adds more complexity when designing a mobile app. Apple has a policy for selling physical goods as compared to digital ones in relation of use of payment gateway versus Apple pay. Every year both Apple and Android advances with newer versions of mobile OS and keeps deprecating older versions. Mobile devices on other hand are becoming more sophisticated, like introduction of voice over command like “Siri” or “Ok Google” are changing the way user interact with devices.

So if you have a great idea but it lacks that interactive support from device or its related OS, it more likely that your idea may have to wait a bit more before it picks up. There is more to Mobile Application Development than Device and OS.

Do’s to build a Mobile Application

When developing a mobile application it is very important to keep in mind a few key aspects of the mobile application world. Just like any other business in the world there are multiple expertise involved in mobile application development. So, if you fail or let go any of these crucial elements in mobile application it is likely to slow down your progress.

Mobile Application depending on its use or concept is based on five things.

Mobile Application UI and UX

This is the first impression of your application to end users, they tend to take a go or no-go ever based on what UI they sight on App store or during their first encounter about your application – even before installing it in the device. So it is very much necessary that you grab their attention with a good presentation

Mobile Application Size

When developing a mobile application try to build an architecture that keeps the application file size to optimum. In case of Apple its .ipa file and for Android it is .apk, and while there is no pre set rule or norm on what a file-size should be, it is necessary to put over self in our end users shoes and go over it as how we think about our mobile device space utilization. More over small size apps are easy and quick to get installed too and thus you can keep your end users interest when they are letting the iTunes or Google Play-store do their work.

Mobile Application Memory Consumption

It is more likely that a user may simply un install your app from their phone if they experience more device memory consumption or battery drain issue when running your application. Operating system have become more efficient in suggesting power usage states, dormant state, data usage state of applications in the device and if your application is constantly bugging user’s device they you may end up losing his or her interest.

Device Compatibility for your Mobile Application Idea

A good mobile application idea is not just adapted based on the solution but also is tested by its ability to keep up with the host device. Some application ideas are threat to device, and Apple and Google Playstore are very cautious regarding such application, like an app that weighs your food buy keeping it on touch screen or an app that weighs your baby on iPad – is likely to get a no go as it may damage end users device.

Mobile Application Experience

When designing the functional flow of a mobile application, it is necessary that you build a mobile application keeping in mind current mobile phone usage habit by users, so for example – many user in US are used to talking to their phone or give command through voice – if you are building an application across lot of interactivity it will be good to give such functionality in your app where you see its most optimum use. Applications compatibility with other system and making it truly mobile is one other aspect that you may want to keep in mind when developing an app.

Don’ts to build a Mobile Application

The list of don’ts is huge when planning to build an app, however there are a few things that as an application developer we should avoid when developing a mobile application. This will not only help to technically develop an efficient mobile application but also plan better in terms of fast turnaround, and wise use of investments.

Mobile Apps with similar business model

Avoid developing an application that is based on same market concepts that are already out in market or that already exist in your targeted geo location. It is wise to build a unique solution than just introducing an improvised solution as majority of the time it will suck up a lot of your time, energy and resources.

Mobile Apps with Back Office Administration

Building mobile applications that are greatly dependent on back office administration performs low as compared to one with automated workflow or brief workflow management ability. As per current trend there are apps that solves the instant communication issue more effectively and efficiently.

Mobile Application that demands constant interaction

You are likely to loose interest of your user if you build a mobile application that does not handle events or triggers efficiently. When developing and application if you are not managing activities like push notifications, back ground activities or continuously making your user refresh your mobile application screen it will soon make your user dilute their interest.

Mobile Application Launch

As it is important to know the platform and feasibility of the start up idea, when launching a mobile application it is also crucial to know the target market of mobile application. It at times is a bad choice to simply launch your mobile application world wide when you have not has enough homework on your application acceptance in other part of the world as this negatively impacts in user acceptance.

Mobile Application Development for Start up is a collaborative process.

There is lot more to a mobile application development then just a brief shared above, it is a team work of effective business plan, technology study, development and business operations that makes a mobile application, a success story. Every platform if it is iOS or Android has a distinct expertise to that contributes in making a mobile application a product that is welcome by all. 

We at BatsHub have been repeatedly planning and developing mobile applications for start-ups and enterprises over years. We have expert in iOS app development that helps you identify problem statement in co relation of iOS and your business idea. Also, we have pool of resources who hold in depth knowledge of Android app development services for businesses and start-ups, giving much needed support to develop an application for your business idea. 

Let us connect if you seek any consultation on your application development concept or wish to engage of developer to develop an application for you. 

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