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Develop Mobile Application for Business with Augmented Analytics


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Augmented Reality applications have been around since a long time in market. Companies like Qualcomm and Layar have been investing a lot of resources to build reliable and efficient libraries for developers to build mobile applications for businesses with Augmented Reality functionality. Advancement in the sector of AR has not only given edge to early adapters but have also helped mobile consumers explore a new dimension of visual data which is beyond 2D screens and touch.

Potential Of AR Apps

Realizing the growing demand in this trending tech, companies like Apple made conscious efforts to improve their offerings by introducing ARkit in iOS. This has helped businesses to think for solutions that were beyond 2D screens and were better able to communicate with data sets in multiple degrees.

AR libraries with distinct approach have proven successful to develop applications that uses;

- Image Data

- Projection Data

- Geo Data

- Pattern Data

Augmented tech has not only helped to build interactive applications in field of education, travel and tourism, automobile, and healthcare, but have also gone beyond data display and processing solutions.

Applications in market using AR

Gaming App: PokemonGo

AR Framework Demo App: Blippar

Entertainment App: FaceApp

Fashion and Lifestyle App: Lakme Makeup Pro

Use of Augmentation in Visual Analytics

Due to too many businesses adopting to go digital a lot of data has been accumulated with companies that now deals with online data more constructively then in past. The distinct degree of interpretation of same data after repetitive churning delivers new dimensions to business operations and gives them edge to improve its offerings in this competitive market.

Use of Augmentation when analyzing data has drastically increased in past years. It is been known fact that human brain understand visuals better than text and by delivering visual analytics to study data helps for visual identification of similarities, differentiation or pattern makings. A good presentation of information by imposition and augmentation of data has led in many successful projects in fields of Geology, Aviation, Energy and other critical industrial sectors.

Geo-scientist uses visual analytics to demonstrate earth and geo data to study earth data. Aviation industry has built successful 3D simulations and UAV's based merger of study of historical flight data and image processing techniques.

How to introduce Augmented Analytics in your business?

Mobile Application Development company with expertise in AR can help you build platform that can enable you to show data trends and patterns over interactive AR platforms.

Tools like Google Glass and VR head set, you can deliver high end interactive analysis of data in a visual form. To introduce augmented analytics in your business it is important to identify critical data set that makes high impact of your business process and its operations. Also entities that contribute in data collection, data curation and data processing needs be channelized to build a meaningful data model that makes visual data more constructive.

We at BatsHub have expertise in mobile application development as well as have experience of building AR solutions using multiple AR libraries. If you plan to build a simple analytics solution or willing integrate comprehensive data visualization model in your enterprise IT infrastructure, hiring developers from BatsHub will help you get an edge over technology, time and cost.

Feel free to write us to build your solution today.

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