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Customer satisfaction

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If you are starting a business or have a solution that you are possibly assembling your thoughts for, the journey from ideation, conceptualization, development and launch ideally is very cumbersome process. This whole journey has multiple phases and requires multiple expertise.  The people that are responsible and accountable, at times fails to address their own weight and hence the weight goes to the adjacent peer and so on resulting in a bad product management a majority of time.

At times finding a right solution partner with required skill set to address your needs does play a vital role in defining weather your business or idea shall rightly and effectively be taken into market or will it have glitches. Getting an opt solution partner not only free up your resources but also helps you focus on business development, marketing and sales.

Come-up with a unique business idea or solution

Majority of time people tend to make amendments to existing business model or try and replicate to other business providers using pre-existing tools. Online product industry highly flammable and hence a duplicated business model generally faces more hurdles due to existing competition.

This specifically implies to product based companies for whom it is more crucial to have a better turnaround time to go to market.

Delays in Product Development

Looking at the old school way of product development there are multiple reasons why there are delays, some of the most commonly experienced reasons are;

Bad Product Engineering Approach:  If your start is not right you may end up spending lot of precious time and resources in early phase and may not realize it till lot of your resources are been consumed.

Poor Financial Planning: Things taken for granted or missing attention to details during product planning phase leads to financial crunches and unwanted delays.

Failing to manage articulations: Not being able to manage proper articulation during product development causes many abrupt issues, that affects over all synchronization required to develop a product.

Product re-engineering: Not paying attention to crucially important aspect of your product may put you in a state where you may have to re validate and reassure your products outcome and at times creates a need to re-engineer the product, this causes delays that you would never be able to forecast.

How can right development firm help you succeed?

Firms that specifically focus on product engineering are more concerned about their client’s success as if their clients are successful that will automatically gain success of it. Their incremental product development methodology not only helps them define a streamline development cycle but also benefits their client to focus on their business development aspect while the product engineering firm focus on making their development or manufacturing cycle more efficient.

Benefits that BatsHub can bring to your business

Why BatsHub?

Fast time to market in the key for any business or product.

BatsHub with is tremendous experience in business consulting and production domain can help your business grow while it helps you make gain for your business with its specialization in services like;

Product Reengineering: If you have a business solution that is going to address loopholes in a system by use of IT, it is probable that BatsHub with is wide industry knowledge can help you with product engineering and development process in a more effective and efficient manner.

Functional Samples: Low fidelity prototypes often will help your business idea to take a functional shape and give you much needed technical insight about the product. This will help your business gain important and vital views on your business and the road map in a lot cost efficient form.

Product Engineering: At times you will be boxed in a scenario where you seem to have constantly changing your business models both functionally and esthetically. BatsHub and its product engineering team can help you stabilize the solution approach by providing crucial market stats that can help you take conscious business decisions and compartmentalize your product development approach.

Golden Samples: BatsHub can help you unveil on how the final production of the product will look like. The Golden samples can be used to generate accurate product requirement, build quality requirement, prepare cost for product development and many other aspects of the product development

Tooling: Use of proper tools in product development also saves a lot of administrative hassle, BatsHub uses all the industry standard product development methodology to comply with necessary product development norms

Finally, collaborating with BatsHub for your product development needs will not only give your business a much needed efficiency for market launch but also an edge over competitiveness, costing, support, maintenance and a lifelong trust to take the ownership of the solution that is been developed.

Author: Sangeeta Patel

A Strategist, Navigator and Director of this high-end IT solutions company. Sangeeta has led many tech projects in her career and have been exceptional leader. Her attitude towards work sets her apart in the league. She is a tech enthusiast, mother & wife. 

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