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Custom and Framework IT Solutions


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Our zeal for solutions has evolved with our growing desire to derive meaningful and structured process. Processes have helped us at every stage of evolution. The human brain tends to interpret structure and symmetric objects more quickly than random or juggled previews to a subject.

IT Solutions, Why?

In my preview, whenever we utilize information technology and its offerings to derive a solution that helps us either leverage existing solution or makes it more efficient such an offering is termed as IT Solution. IT solutions cover a vast arena due to its possibility to address subjects with its extensive set of offerings. There are numerous businesses set up around IT that specialize either in the end to end solutions or have focused their services across a particular niche.

Since IT is not an independent industry it is ideally combined with a particular niche to deliver solutions addressing that specific domain or industry and his has gradually resulted in evolution of specialized profiles like Business Analyst, Subject Matter Expert, Business Process Analyst, Business Process Reengineering Expert, Business Process Optimization Expert, Business Process Automation Expert. These folks are the ones who specialize in interpreting a business need and translating it to an efficient IT project. These profiles help the industry realize their needs and help them define it based on the want of their field. 

IT has a wide range of offerings that are custom tailored to a business need. Depending on where and how a solution is needed IT solution experts architect their offerings for the businesses. Most commonly and widely used and dependent IT solutions built on top of Mobile and Web frameworks. However, with the introduction of other platforms like immersive media, wearables, voice-enabled devices the offerings have exploded on a large scale.

A matured course of IT

Right from the use of the first computer to the derivation of assembly, OOPs, MVC and NLP based solutions, at every stage we have consumed the former to make the later more efficient and effective. The more answers we develop, the prominent is our desire to make it suitable & use it to optimize and derive new solutions. With time, only the applicability of IT has changed, but the trend remains the same. We may have witnessed new languages, more platforms, and better utilization techniques, but our original pattern is yet untouched.

The hardware and software combination is the key to IT. Those who pioneered to understand the present expectation of IT consumers at any stage have become successful. Apple, Android, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, AWS, Spotify, PHP, WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Adobe Photoshop, and the list is endless. If you look at these solution providers all of them have offered solutions to its end consumers if it be a regular user, developer, server administrator, designer, marketing specialist or any industry veteran they have been able to consume the offerings and use it further to enhance their offerings or utilize it to deliver their service to an end users.

The era of Custom Solutions

2018-19 has witnessed a fragile amount of custom solutions just for the very reason that the majority of crude inventions were out in the market before this time. Regardless of your place in the solution spectrum, i.e. if you are a developer, designer, marketing expert, analyst, end user or an enterprise everyone admires custom solutions but with an expectation of limited involvement in the development, usage or service cycle based on where they belong.

The idea of building a custom solution has gradually shifted into building configurators that will help the end users aggregate multiple micro custom offerings. In-fact custom is now looked as an inefficient way of building, using or delivering service in consumer space.

Compartmentalization of custom solutions and pool of multiple frameworks

Solution providers and product owners have started focusing on aspects of IT offerings where either they are combining numerous custom solutions or building frameworks to facilitate their end users. Few of the successful examples of such framework-based products in the market are TikTok, SnapChat, Instagram, Musical.ly and many more, all of these are framework-based application solution that has helped people unleash their creativity at an artistic platform. Framework solutions like Woocommerce, Magento, Shopify are offerings for developers to build basic to complex e-commerce solutions.

Frameworks have helped IT, in general, to deliver more cost-efficient and practical solutions with a high degree of trust and security. Raising the bar for performance, threshold and quality have been byproducts of this revolution.

Custom framework derivatives disrupting IT 

With the increasing demand for smarter solutions industry is now looking beyond conventional solutions and trying to merge different perspective of the existing framework and deliver a disruptive solution. Industries are now looking towards integration and implementation of technologies like NLP, Augmented Analytics, Immersive Media, ML and AI in their business process. Technology and Platform agnostic approach is becoming more widely accepted as convenience is the new benchmark. We are now looking forward to technologies as our companion and not a tool that we will be using.

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