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All Posts 25 Dec 2019

App Development Trends for 2020


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Top App Development Trends in 2020

So, what has 2020 got for us and how can it help to build a standout mobile app for 2020.

No matter where in the world you are and whatever business you specialize in if you rely on technology to expand your business, it is always a great idea to go with the flow. Mobile tech has constantly immerged and those who adapt to it have been able to glue the right audience and address the expectation.

A lot has progressed in the Mobile app technology market and based on business needs there are multiple solutions available to address growing business needs.

As per Statista - apps are expected to generate $189 Billion US dollars in revenue in 2020. These, however, does not mean that you build apps and things will work. Choose a reliable mobile app development company that not only has technology strength but also a vision for future tech trends. This will help you sustain the ultra-tech race.

Especially, for countries like the US and Europe that out-numbers any other nation in terms of outsourcing the technology work to countries like India, it is implicit that you choose a reliable mobile app development company in India

Tech companies with a future vision not only helps you build a great product but also helps you sustain for longer duration and makes your business operation much more efficient. Our team of experts has carefully observed the patterns over past years and has predicted a set of App Development Trends that will be at prime in 2020.

Mesh Technology

2020 will witness a lot of connected solutions, especially in retail sector. We all have experienced the power of beacon technology, however, when rightly combined with IoT this combination can become very cohesive. Some of the solutions based on these tech stacks can be as;

  • Mobile payments beacons;
  • AI-enabled chips;
  • Automated machine learning;
  • Beacon treasure hunting.

Application Performance Management and Enterprise Mobile Management

When planning to build an application for your business both of these elements play a vital role in deciding how well will your app perform and how long will it be able to sustain.

For large enterprise app projects EMM - not only helps streamline the application usage but also enhances the productivity of the fleet. In 2020 if we want our apps to stand out this is that extra bit that needs to be taken into consideration in addition to building great tech solutions.

Immersive Technology

Transformation through AR and VR will be a hot cake for the media industry as this will help them go beyond the conventional use of Mobile apps. Many firms in the US are focusing on intuitive content to reach their desired target audience however they heavily rely on companies in India where they can create tools to use these content in technologically advanced forms.

So, if you decide to build immersive apps in 2020 and looking for a technology company in the United States to develop mobile applications, make sure you define the right content strategy to get the most out of the collaboration.

Reliable AI

The other aspect of the mobile app development trend will heavily rely on AI. Not just AI but a more analytical AI approach. We have witnessed AI being mature and used in Chat Bots and Voice Bots. 2020 will have to be a more mature horizon in order to address high consumer expectations.

More to 2020

Well, the above is our best bet to the 2020 tech trends, but this does not rule out the importance of other emerging techs like

  • Blockchain
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Cloud-based Apps
  • AMPs

2020 shall be a mix of the maturity model and emerging techs, we will witness a more tech-ready audience and hence more visibility to our business. Now, that you know this make sure you apply it to your mobile app development project in the coming year.

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